A nation behind his champion!

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The Olympic games always create gatherings to celebrate and be proud of the athletes that are representing the whole country. You were a lot, here in Canada, to encourage Alexandre while he was at Sotchi. Many of you even immortalized that moment.

First of all, here is a picture of the classes of Geneviève Tremblay-Lucier, Caroline Sanche, Dominique Tessier and Christiane Ménard, from the des Primevères school in Pointe-Calumet. This year, their kids celebrate the Olympic theme all year long. Here is their hallway decorated in honor of the Olympics. To celebrate the freestyle skiing team competitions, they took a picture to show their support to the athletes who are native of the region, which Alexandre is from originally.

 l’école des Primevères à Pointe-Calumet

Here is a picture of all the TP1 agency employees in Montreal, who created, programmed and put online the new Alexandre’s website. They proudly celebrated Alex’s victory.


Alex was well surrounded at Sotchi, with his family, his fiancée and some friends. But most of them stayed here. They gathered at Alex’s favorite bar in downtown Montreal, the Ziggy’s pub, to live together every moments of Alex at the Olympics.

“I promise you guys a big show!”, Alex told one of his best friends, the day before the competition.

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                 Credit : Chantal Poirier, Le Journal de Montréal

Enthusiasm, pride and celebration were on the menu that day in the province while Alex won his second consecutive Olympic title.

No matter where you are from, the nation was behind Alexandre. Where were you on February 10?